Security Confidential S6 E3 Tim Chase

 Tim Chase is a Field CISO, Professional Speaker, Author, Ethical Hacker, Certified Application Security Engineer, etc. He is also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor who writes training modules about DevOps and DevSecOp. Tim is an expert at resolving challenging security incidents with a short turnaround time. He is a graduate of Tennessee Tech and the University of Phoenix.

Chapter Titles:

00:00 Introduction

01:13 The problem of Ransomware, how do you see it evolving over in the near future?

05:17 Third-Party Risk

06:21 Applications built on open source code and how to ensure their security?

11:45 What do you see as the Top 3 root causes of security incidents?

14:40 Deep Provisioning

22:22 Step-by-step on how to build a cybersecurity program for SMB

32:05 How to make Cybersecurity logical when coaching a young cybersecurity team. What foundational elements do you emphasize?

37:30 Companies use Cybersecurity as a revenue

40:48 Outro


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Dark Rhino Security\’s \”Security Confidential\” is a weekly Cybersecurity podcast where Host, Manoj Tandon, talks to Infosec and Cybersecurity professionals about the current issues going on in our industry. Guests are able to share their stories about how they began their journey into cybersecurity and connect with our audience. Listeners are able to tune in through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more.

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