The Advantages of Identity Access Management Tools in the Modern Workplace

Identity and Access Management (IAM) describes the technologies, frameworks and policies used to manage user identities and govern access within an organization. IAM tools are highly beneficial for the IT administration workforce and reinforce an enterprise’s cybersecurity posture. 

IAM allows for streamlined lifecycle management processes. For instance, the onboarding of staff can be rapidly executed from an IT perspective thanks to centralized functions. When a new employee requires an account and access to business-critical applications, IT can orchestrate the provisioning quickly and safely through a central IAM tool. Password resets are near instant since users have one centralized password, protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technology. MFA is a security system in which users require multiple methods of authentication to verify login identity and other transactions. 

Role-based IAM is also a highly beneficial feature. In this scenario, roles and access are not associated with a specific user, but rather with a role. Instead of manually allowing access to applications for each employee, an organization can define roles, attribute employees to these roles, and have access granted according to these predetermined settings. This not only speeds up the process extensively because of automation, but also regulates access based on carefully crafted policies. 

Without an IAM tool, workflows rely on lengthy manual procedures. The configuration of several applications is an unnecessary burden on resources and can lead to human error by potentially allowing access to non-business-critical data. IAM brings automation to IT so that teams can focus on other tasks.

In sum, IAM and MFA tools are advantageous for multiple reasons, especially in a modern workplace setting.

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