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Phishing a favorite of bad actors

Phishing emails can be effective in less than 9s. The Ironscales Platform with a decentralized crowd sourced network, helps prevent, detect, and remediate Phishing attacks in seconds. 

Our solution sits on the mailbox itself unlike a Secure Exchange Gateway (SEG). Ironscales is the only technology combining human insights and artificial intelligence.

Dark Rhino Security, provides all the management, implementation, on going maintenance, and awarenes training. You are ALWAYS PROTECTED.


Your Protected

Cylance-AI Based NGAV

BlackBerry Cylance has some of the highest efficacy ratings in the industry while using 95% less cpu compared to other solutions. Cylance is integrated into Dark Rhino Security’s SOC operations and response playbooks for organizations subscribing to those services.

Endpoint Protect

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR_ and DFIR

With the ever increasing attack surface and increasing volumes of data, cyber resilience is of paramount importance. 100% breach prevention is not possible.

What is possible is rapid incident response and containment so that your data and operational integrity is not compromised. This is akin to the zone defense strategy in football. A catch may be made but crossing the line to the end zone is prevented. 

This is resilience. Dark Rhino Security provides all the management, implementation, on-going maintenance, 24×7 monitoring and response. You are ALWAYS PROTECTED.


Your Protected

Insurance Protect

Identity and Access Management

With a mobile workforce the securing of identities is paramount. Further auditable provisioning and de-provisioning is needed to ensure trusted access. Geofencing of identities is minimally needed to deter identity compromise. Insurance Protect with Okta delivers all this and more so You are ALWAYS PROTECTED.

IAM implementation and management can be a very complicated undertaking. This fully managed offering simplifies the complexity by taking care of all those tasks. Our engineering team has the highest levels of Okta Accreditation Available and over 150 Okta projects successfully completed.


Your Protected

Compliance Fundamentals


The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the backbone of any SOC. The SIEM gathers data from log sources like end points, servers, firewalls, applications, and netflow data. All the data is gathered and then correlated against rules in the SIEM to create visibility to Indicators of Compromise (IOC).

Once an IOC occurs the SIEM along with orchestration executes a set of actions to minimize the impact of the IOC. The SECEON platform uses AI to create speed in daylighting in IOCs. This allow Dark Rhino Security to take action efficiently, rapidly, with minimal impact to your business. Dark Rhino Security has built playbooks, automations, and has integrated SECEON across the many managed security service offerings.

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