Security Confidential S9 E2 Kenneth Ellington

Kenneth Ellington is a Senior Cyber Security Consultant at EY where he specializes in SIEM and SOAR technologies. He is also the Founder and owner of Ellington Cyber Academy, an E-Learning platform that teaches and trains people on how to use various SIEM and SOAR technologies so that they can transition or upskill themselves in their careers. On top of all that, Kenneth is also a part-time Associate cybersecurity instructor at the University of Houston and a Cybersecurity trainer at Blacks In Cybersecurity.

Chapter Titles:

00:00 Introduction

03:08 The Chicken Tender Sub

04:13 How important are ingredients?

05:24 Passion for educating others

06:30 Leaving an impression with teaching

07:40 Being a good student

09:34 Tips you won’t get in College

11:06 Explaining in business terms

12:38 Why Cybersecurity?

14:35 An opportunity at Publix

15:30 Cyber Bootcamp

18:55 Why choose an analyst role?

20:45 SIEM vs Log Management System

23:10 What do you need for a good SIEM platform?

27:07 What is the role of SOAR

29:19 Ai and Analyst fatigue

32:25 No human elements

36:17 Common mistakes when implementing a SIEM

37:38 Can you ever be done tuning a SIEM

39:25 The Ellington Cyber Academy

41:00 How does ECA compare?

45:00 ECA’s goals in the future

48:02 News for Kenneth

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The Ellington Cyber Academy

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