Security Confidential S14 E9 Max Hillebrand

This week on Dark Rhiino Security’s Security Confidential podcast, Host Manoj Tandon talks to Max Hillebrand. Max is the CEO at ZKSNACKS and Wasabi Wallet, a pioneering figure in the realm of privacy-focused cryptocurrency wallets. He is a dedicated open-source contributor focused on liberty and digital freedom. He champions non-scarcity in the digital realm, sharing his creations generously. Hillebrand works to build a robust economic ecosystem, empowering individuals for entrepreneurial pursuits.

Chapter Titles:

00:00 Introduction

00:21 Our Guest

03:41 ZKSNACKS and Wasabi Wallet

06:41 The Basics of Bitcoin: How does it work?

13:30 How do bitcoin exchanges fail?

26:46 Changing the rules

33:47 Why do Ransomware actors want their cash in bitcoin?

37:00 How to get your public key on the blockchain?

44:10 Quantum computing and future issues

57:05 Book Recommendations from Max


Dark Rhiino Security’s Security Confidential is a weekly Cybersecurity podcast where Host, Manoj Tandon, talks to Infosec and Cybersecurity professionals about the current issues going on in our industry. Guests are able to share their stories about how they began their journey into cybersecurity and connect with our audience. Listeners are able to tune in through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more.

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About Max Hillebrand

Max Hillebrand is a dedicated contributor to multiple open-source software projects, with a passion for building the tools that align with his vision of liberty defense. He firmly believes in the inherent non-scarcity of the digital realm and generously shares his creations, allowing anyone to utilize and build upon his work.

With a strong focus on fostering a parallel economic ecosystem, Hillebrand is committed to establishing a sound monetary foundation. This endeavor aims to empower sovereign individuals, providing them the freedom to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits and explore their full potential.

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