Security Confidential S13 E1 Chris Rock

This week on Dark Rhiino Security’s Security Confidential podcast, Host Manoj Tandon talks to Cyber Mercenary Chris Rock. Chris Rock is no stranger to Security Confidential. He is a three-time presenter at DEFCON, Author of The Baby Harvest, and Co-Founder of SIEMonster. Chris has spent the last 30 years in the Middle East, the US, and Asia preventing cyber attacks for governments and private organizations alike.

Chapter Titles:

00:00 Introduction

 00:16 Our Guest

01:19 What does the talent pool look like for our industry?

04:48 Do you see any non-traditional jobs entering the field?

06:01 Researching how companies and AI handle the finances

08:25 How money is moved through the drug trade

13:09 The Advancement of Natural Language Processes

18:03 How do you build trust?

18:59 The further we go into an automated environment, the easier it is to hack

23:07 Would you rather come up against a Bank teller or a Bot?

25:30 Ransomeware as a service

29:04 Defeating MFA and how we deal with it

38:14 Shelf Babies: Killing and Birthing someone virtually

50:02 More about Chris

Dark Rhiino Security’s Security Confidential is a weekly Cybersecurity podcast where Host, Manoj Tandon, talks to Infosec and Cybersecurity professionals about the current issues going on in our industry. Guests are able to share their stories about how they began their journey into cybersecurity and connect with our audience. Listeners are able to tune in through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more.

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Chris Rock’s Website

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About Chris Rock

Chris Rock is a Cyber Mercenary who has worked in the Middle East, US and Asia for the last 30 years working for both government and private organizations. He is the Chief Information Security Officer and co-founder of SIEMonster.

Chris has presented three times at the largest hacking conference in the world, DEFCON in Las Vegas on controversial vulnerabilities including;

  1. How hackers could create fake people and kill them using vulnerabilities in the Birth and Death Registration systems around the world.
  2. How cyber mercenaries can overthrow a government working with coup mercenary Simon Mann.
  3. How cyber mercenaries can bypass modern-day Jammers using the earth as an antenna to trigger an IED at 2kHz

Chris is also the author of the Baby Harvest, a book based on criminals and terrorists using virtual babies and fake deaths for financing. He has also been invited to speak at TED global.

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