Security Confidential S11 E3 George Kamide

George Kamide was once an anthropologist, a rock climbing instructor, a wedding photographer, and a creative writer. Now, he’s the host of the cybersecurity podcast First Watch and the podcast Bare Knuckles and Brass Tacks. As an advocate for greater representation in information security, he sits on the advisory board for Vision & Voice, a community dedicated to lifting women into cyber leadership positions. He has briefed US Cyber Command and the Congressional Cyber Caucus.

Chapter Titles:

00:10 Changing the vulnerability landscape

01:48 Voice Cloning and email chat hacking

05:55 How does a machine generate context?

07:58 Social Media bots

10:06 What jobs will go away with AI?

15:40 Whose fault is it?

20:40 Can you 100% trust something?

23:03 Work from Home

26:11 Connecting with George

Dark Rhiino Security\’s Security Confidential is a weekly Cybersecurity podcast where Host, Manoj Tandon, talks to Infosec and Cybersecurity professionals about the current issues going on in our industry. Guests are able to share their stories about how they began their journey into cybersecurity and connect with our audience. For inquiries, please email

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