Proteon Software is now Dark Rhino Hosting

COLUMBUS, Ohio, February 14, 2020 – As of April 01, 2020, Proteon Software will officially transition to Dark Rhino Hosting.

Dark Rhino Security and Michael Holstein have come a mutual decision to separate. Holstein is going to move on to pursue other interests. However, familiar faces will remain on the team. Cami Murraya and Arbind Bhagat will continue as key members of the Dark Rhino Hosting team.

Additionally, we are proud to announce the promotion of Shannon Guianen to the Director of Hosting. Guianen has, as many of you know, provided an exceptional customer experience with Proteon.

Her goal is to be more transparent and open with chapters to ensure that their needs are met, and their expectations exceeded. “We are raising the professionalism and standard of web hosting to a higher level, which will result in improved technologies, refined UI, and greater flexibility in all aspects in the operations of the websites.”

Our portfolio offering has also expanded beyond hosting; it now includes cybersecurity and (GRC) governance, risk and compliance services.

“Dark Rhino Hosting is a winning combination of the best parts of Dark Rhino Security and Proteon Software,” Guianen said. “Together we have created an elevated level of expertise and service.”

About Dark Rhino Security
Dark Rhino Security is rapidly growing global security management consulting firm and MSSP that serves a broad mix of public and private industries; helping clients realize their goals by focusing on achieving significant and lasting beneficial changes to their company’s security infrastructure that reduces their legal, financial, and reputational loss exposure from cyber events. For more information, visit and follow @darkrhinosec.


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