Security Confidential S3 E9 Chris Auger

The Microsoft 365 environment is complex to administer from a cybersecurity perspective. There are very expensive options from Microsoft that add advanced security elements to the 365 environment. In addition to cost, ease of use and knowledge can become limiting factors dependant on the capability of the organization when implementing Microsoft\’s advanced security. Dark Rhino Security and Infocyte partnered to build a managed service offering that dramatically simplifies the evaluation, compilation, and remediation of security gaps present in a companies Microsoft 365 environment. Chris Auger from Infocyte and Tyler Smith, a co-founder of Dark Rhino Security, host this episode of Security Confidential and explain how to benchmark against the CIS standards a Microsoft 365 environment and how to remediate the gaps in a simplified manner. The end result is a highly secure Microsoft 365 environment.

Chapter Titles:

00:14 Introduction

03:10 Microsoft 365 Security Overview

04:50 Why Microsoft 365 is difficult

05:30 Why set it and forget is the wrong answer

08:00 Anatomy of an attack, attack chain

13:20 The attack vectors

15:33 Cost structure of M365 tools

20:15 Dark Rhino Security Microsoft 365 Security Assessment .

23:48 Security controls analyzed as part of assessment

25:08 Value of Dark Rhino Security in the Process

26:15 Is Tenable used under the hood?

27:15 Does MFA solve the security gaps?

29:35 What is out of domain forwarding and will they block it?

32:47 Does Small Business really have the risk

42:35 Timeline for Assessments

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