How to get the most out of OpenAI’s Chat GPT 

OpenAI and Chat GPT have taken the world by storm. Before we dive into how the game has changed, let’s start off by examining what is fundamentally different. Many people are familiar with the phrase “google it”, an act that involves entering a search term and telling Google to go find it. Google does this by crawling websites and indexing them so that your search can be compared to the index.

This is also a term that sort of defines the “surface web” and the converse would be the unindexed or spooky-sounding “dark web” which requires a special browser to traverse. This index acts like the Yellow Pages (if you are old enough to know that this article is for you and written by one of your kind) or a directory that allows you to quickly find sites that relate to what you want to learn more about.

This is the old way, and like duels to the Death and the Oregon Trail (both of them) and rotary telephones that connect to the wall, indexed search is moving into posterity of a similar kind. But why? Ask people using Chat GPT currently about it and they will probably offer something to the effect of “it gives me answers to my questions.”

To the uninitiated, this may evoke similarity, but the distinction may be missed. Google will point you toward results that may or may not contain information relevant to the terms or questions being asked so that you may review the information and piece it into a cogent answer to the question that had you searching Google in the first place. Chat GPT, on the distinct other hand, leverages a data set of raw information that is limited in time-based on the version you are using. Using complex algorithms Chat GPT can piece together a cogent answer to your cleverly crafted prompting.

There are limitations and sometimes even inaccuracies or fallacies inside of answers that are crafted so well one might be fooled into believing it is true, so keep that in mind. The prompt that the end user creates for the AI to act upon is where science becomes something closer to art. The better the prompt describes the full vision of the user’s desired outcome the better the answer the AI will provide. For example, you might ask, “How can I start a side business selling custom stationery?” Chat GPT would give you one result (give it a try copy and paste it into the prompt, go on, try it). You will see some variation of a list that is pulled from the collective knowledge available in the dataset leveraged by the version you are using.

For example, “Pretend you are an expert in the business of fine stationary, and an expert in launching a successful stationary product line, as well as a business formation expert, draft a business plan and custom stationary product line that could leverage outsourced manufacturing, and order processing to handle development, production, and distribution of that line.” If you are curious to see the result of this prompt you can scroll to the bottom of this article.

Now before you let the vision of yourself writing the next great novel series of angsty teen hobbit wizard vampires you should know that AI has prompted technology to detect the use of AI in creative endeavors so don’t go thinking you can just prompt copy and paste your way to glory. Have fun searching for information in a different way…while our AI overlords still allow it. 

Here is the result, which took mere seconds to produce as a thinking algorithm understood the request, searched for the information, and pieced it together in a coherent response that aligned with the prompt: 

Business Plan: Luxury Custom Stationery Brand

Our luxury custom stationery brand aims to provide exquisite, personalized stationery products to discerning customers who appreciate craftsmanship and elegance. By leveraging outsourced manufacturing and order processing, we can focus on design, marketing, and customer service to create a seamless and exceptional experience for our clients. 

Our custom stationery brand will offer a range of high-quality products, including personalized letterheads, notecards, greeting cards, envelopes, and luxury stationery sets. Each item will be meticulously designed and crafted using premium materials to ensure superior quality and elegance. 

– Target Market: Affluent individuals, professionals, businesses, and couples seeking luxury stationery for personal and professional correspondence, events, and gifts. 

– Market Trends: Growing demand for personalized and luxury stationery products, increasing preference for high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and a shift towards online shopping for custom goods. 

– Competitive Landscape: Competitors include established luxury stationery brands and boutique designers. We differentiate ourselves through our unique designs, superior quality, and personalized customer experience. 


Our custom stationery product line will include: 

– Personalized letterheads and notecards featuring bespoke designs and premium paper. 

– Greeting cards for various occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays. 

– Customized envelopes with elegant finishes and optional monogramming. 

– Luxury stationery sets comprising coordinated items for a complete writing experience. 

We will partner with experienced manufacturers specializing in luxury stationery production. These partners will handle the manufacturing process, including printing, cutting, and finishing, based on our design specifications. Order processing and fulfillment will be outsourced to a third-party logistics provider to ensure efficient and timely delivery to customers worldwide. 

– Brand Positioning: Position our brand as synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and personalized service. 

– Online Presence: Establish a professional website showcasing our products, brand story, and customization options. Utilize social media platforms, influencer partnerships, and targeted online advertising to reach our target audience. 

– Customer Engagement: Offer personalized consultations and exceptional customer service to create meaningful connections with clients. Implement loyalty programs and referral incentives to encourage repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. 

– Start-up Costs: Initial investment is required for brand development, website design, inventory procurement, and marketing efforts. 

– Revenue Streams: Sales of custom stationery products through our online store and wholesale partnerships with luxury retailers and boutique shops. 

– Profit Margins: Maintain competitive pricing while ensuring healthy profit margins to support business growth and sustainability. 


– Expand Product Offerings: Introduce new designs, product categories, and limited-edition collections to continuously captivate customers. 

– Diversify Distribution Channels: Explore opportunities to sell through additional online marketplaces, pop-up shops, and exclusive events. 

– International Expansion: Target international markets with high demand for luxury stationery through strategic partnerships and localized marketing efforts. 

– Supply Chain Risks: Mitigate potential disruptions in manufacturing and logistics by diversifying suppliers and maintaining transparent communication channels. 

– Market Risks: Stay abreast of industry trends and consumer preferences to adapt our product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. 

– Brand Reputation: Uphold our commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction to safeguard our brand reputation and foster long-term loyalty. 

Our luxury custom stationery brand is poised to carve a niche in the market by offering impeccably designed and personalized products that elevate the art of correspondence. Through strategic partnerships, a customer-centric approach, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are confident in our ability to achieve success and become a coveted destination for discerning stationery connoisseurs worldwide. 

All of this information was retrieved, processed, and organized into the format shown without anything more than the prompt above. What might have taken hours to research, understand, organize, and write took seconds. Now before you let the vision of yourself writing the next great novel series of angsty teen hobbit wizard vampires you should know that AI has prompted technology to detect the use of AI in creative endeavors so don’t go thinking you can just prompt copy and paste your way to glory. Have fun searching for information in a different way…while our AI overlords still allow it. 

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