Security Confidential S6 E7 Erika Carrara

Erika Carrara is an influential, strategic, business-focused, and highly accomplished C-Suite executive. She has accomplished many things such as being a CISO, Director of Information Technology, Penetration Tester, IT Security Specialist, and many more. Erika is also a Veteran of the United States Army and Mentor. She is currently the CISO of Wabtec Corporation.


Chapter Titles:

00:00 Introduction

00:49 How did you start your career in cybersecurity? Was it something you did while in the military?

03:03 Advice for younger individuals stepping into cyber

04:27 Advice for Veterans transitioning into Cyber

06:29 Due diligence process when looking at an acquisition?

13:40 ISO 27,001 17:04 Security Frameworks for Small Businesses

22:00 What motivates bad actors?

26:40 Are there policies that you think the government should adopt that would better deter bad actors?

34:18 Can you shed some light on what defense in depth should entail for critical infrastructure companies?

37:45 3rd party risk mitigation

41:14 Small businesses: expectations regarding cybersecurity?

45:03 Code: Girl

50:00 Connecting with Erika


Resources Mentioned:

To learn more about coding programs for girls, check out these websites:

Girls Who Code

Black Girls Code

Coding Girls

Tech Girls

Django Girls

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