Dark Rhino Security Expands Its International Acquisitions

Press Release – July 22nd, 2020 – Dark Rhino Security Expands Its International Acquisitions

Following a series of acquisitions this past year, Dark Rhino Security (DRS) expands its offering yet again by concluding an all cash deal with Canadian company Agilia Solutions to acquire the assets of MG2 Media. Focused on sustained international growth and a rising demand for all-encompassing IT solutions for large-scale organizations, DRS is investing in cutting-edge technology to fiercely support the needs of the market.

Amalgamating MG2 Media assets to DRS expertise sets the stage for state-of-the-art technology, with constant innovation at the forefront of the business model. As a result, the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading association in the field and one of DRS’ clients, will benefit greatly from an enhanced platform with advanced functionalities. The newly acquired custom content management system and mobile application will cater to over 200,000 members worldwide with presence on every continent. And that is only the beginning. With its team of visionaries, DRS commits to an ongoing optimization process, setting itself as an industry leader.

Dark Rhino Security is dedicated to filling the gaps in the international community by offering tailored solutions to its current client PMI chapters and other associations with complex requirements. Kevin Casey, Co-Founder and CEO, states, “Our mission is to serve customers with combined technologies and processes that enable them to accomplish and exceed the goals of their respective organizations.”

DRS is just getting started. Now equipped with this revolutionary technology and a panel of subject matter experts readily available, the sky is the limit. Associations of all sizes finally have a highly skilled and focused ally to help them reach new heights.

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