Dark Rhiino Security Announces Expansion to Mexico City


DUBLIN, Ohio, April 28th, 2023 – Dark Rhiino Security, an innovative MSSP/MDR providing comprehensive “defense in depth” to small and medium businesses, announces its expansion into Mexico City.  The announcement was made Monday, May 1st, Just a month after the company celebrated its 6th anniversary.

\”We are bringing our industry-changing security, protecting fast-growing companies from financially devastating cybersecurity events that destroy profits, multiply insurance premiums, and ruin reputations with investors and customers. Leading the DRS Mexico team is Javier Fernandez. Javier has many years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. We are ecstatic about the new opportunities that await and the ability to bring our superior, unrivaled security to Mexico and its fight against cybercrime\” reads the post on their LinkedIn. 

News of Dark Rhiinos Expansion arrives just months after the launch of their 1 Million dollar Cyber Insurance offering. 

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Dark Rhiino Security is a leading MSSP/MDR innovator providing comprehensive “defense in depth” to small and medium businesses. Founded five years ago by a team of management consultants, and cybersecurity experts with extensive U.S. military experience, Dark Rhiino Security is the leading value innovator regarding cybersecurity solutions in North America. Dark Rhiino Security was founded on technical innovation and is driven by value innovation. Value innovations come from strategic technology partnerships and engineered and integrated processes that are scalable and thus enable exceptional service at volume pricing.

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