Dark Rhiino Security Announces Insurance+

DUBLIN, Ohio, January 3rd, 2024 –Cyber insurance coverage is getting more difficult to attain and premiums are increasing substantially. In response, Dark Rhiino Security, Inc. and Liberty Insurance Agency, an industry-leading Insurance Broker, have partnered in a move to simplify the cyber insurance application and approval process and lower premiums for mid-market organizations.

By countering this trend, Dark Rhiino Security is leveraging the strength of its “Defense-in-Depth” offering as a “benchmark for insurers to be able to provide expedited approvals and more cost-effective cyber insurance for our customers.”

Dark Rhiino Security asserts that the partnership will help its small- and mid-sized business customers improve their security posture and decrease business risk — touting premium savings of up to 30%.

Cyber Insurance at Scale

Through Dark Rhiino Security’s Insurance+ Program, businesses will achieve cybersecurity aligned with DHS’s [Department of Homeland Security] advanced directive for Defense-in-Depth. Dark Rhiino Security’s approach is composed of eleven layers containing processes, technologies, and controls, which materially reduce exposure. Cyber insurance underwriters, according to Dark Rhiino Security, consider these controls to be critical in protecting against ransomware and other cybersecurity incidents. Dark Rhiino Security is backing its’ fully managed Defense-in-Depth offering with its own insured guarantee to subscribers of Defense-in-Depth.

The company’s CEO, Kevin Casey explained the advantages of the partnership with Liberty Insurance Agency:

“Dark Rhiino Security and Liberty Insurance Agency’s partnership is a game changer for organizations who must strengthen their security posture. We’re excited to deliver much-needed peace of mind by helping these small- and mid-sized organizations receive the best terms, conditions, and pricing the Insurance Marketplace has to offer.” Says Kevin Heher President Liberty Insurance Agency.

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About Dark Rhiino Security

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Dark Rhiino Security is a leading MSSP/MDR innovator providing comprehensive “defense in depth” to small and medium businesses. Dark Rhiino was founded seven years ago by a team of veteran management consultants and cybersecurity experts with extensive U.S. military experience and is led by CEO Kevin Casey. Dark Rhiino Security is the leading value innovator regarding cybersecurity solutions in North America, Founded on technical innovation and is driven by value innovation. Value innovations come from strategic technology partnerships and engineered and integrated processes that are scalable and thus enable exceptional service at volume pricing.

Dark Rhiino’s mission is to deliver technical innovation, driven by value innovation and provide solutions that are easily implemented and with major long-term benefits. Via partnerships and efficient internal processes, Dark Rhiino Security can deliver enterprise network security that is 30% less expensive than comparable programs, integrating seamlessly with in-house security teams or managing cybersecurity end-to-end.

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