Security Confidential S7 E8 Brian Haugli

This week, host Manoj Tandon is joined by Brian Haugli. Brian is the CEO of SideChannel. Creator and Host of the CISO life podcast and a professor at Boston College. Brian is a Security Confidential alum and an expert in Cybersecurity


Chapter Titles:

00:00 Introduction

03:40 What’s new with SideChannel

09:02 #CISOLife

10:30 Roe v. Wade and Data

21:20 SMB: I’m not a target

23:21 Understanding Controls: A whiteboard demonstration

26:43 Top 3 things to do

37:35 Risk and Probability by Impact: A whiteboard demonstration

42:22 Upcoming News for Brian

Resources Mentioned:

Brians Book

SideChannel on Youtube

SideChannels Ransomware Video


To learn more about Brian visit LinkedIn or SideChannel

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