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Focused On Defense-in-Depth:Guaranteed Outcomes, Ensured and Insured

Three Discrete Cybersecurity Elements Unified-One Solution


Defense-in-Depth (DiD) is a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity to neutralize the movement of bad actors


Composed of multiple layers of advanced technologies, AI, and integrated processes with automation.
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Insured Guarantee

Subscribers of Defense-in Depth can get an insured guarantee from Dark Rhiino Security for up to $1 Million

The Guarantee

Guarantee applies as deductible on the primary cyber liability insurance. Higher Deductibles=Lower Premiums
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Cyber Insurance

AM Best rated carriers comprise the Defense-in-Depth Subscription Program

Cyber Insurance

Carriers have vetted the program. Resulting in; a streamlined underwriting process and favorable premiums
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All Managed Services are Based
on the NIST Framework and Contain the Following

Security Architecture - US Based 24x7 SOC

Unified integrated security architecture for Defense-in-Depth under the NIST Framework, tuned to needed protections

Cybersecurity Experts

Our engineering team carries the highest accreditations in the technologies they support. Their mission to advise and deliver

Cybersecurity Tech

All the needed technologies with their implementation and on-going maintenance are included as part of every managed service

No hidden costs

Packaged Cybersecurity Solutions

Phishing & Malware Protect

Baseline protection at the Mailbox and compute device

AI Based Phishing and Malware Protection+Employee Awareness Training

Fully Managed


Endpoint Protect

Foundational Protection for the Endpoint

Phishing & Malware Protect+Detection and Response (EDR)

Fully Managed


Insurance Protect

Meet most cyber insurance carrier requirements

Endpoint Protect + Identity and
Access Management 

Fully Managed


Compliance Fundamentals

Baseline Security Controls for SOC2, CMMC, HIPAA Compliance

Insurance Protect + Asset Intelligence + SIEM + CASB + DLP – Fully Managed

Proactive Defense

Advanced protection for businesses – Fully Managed

Compliance Fundamentals + Threat Hunting + Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Ransomware Undo and Extortion Defense

Fully Managed Protection

Undos 95% of Ransomware + advanced encryption at the file level to render stolen file useless 


Comprehensive advanced protection conforming to advanced DHS directives

Our Clients

“Partnering with Dark Rhiino Security has been one of the best decisions we have made as a firm.  They are integral in providing peace of mind in an industry filled with fraud and scams.  The services provided are above and beyond what we expected, and Dark Rhiino Security continues to outperform themselves with not only their products and services, but their ability to look ahead and address potential vulnerabilities.  They are always available and go above and beyond to protect their clients.”

Andrea Abercrombie
Managing Partner

“Healthcare data continues to be the most desirable data for cyber-attacks. Partnering with Dark Rhiino Security has given our organization the added benefit of having a full security stack to review and mitigate risk in our environment. DRS provides a highly effective service to ensure our data asset remains secure.”

Henry Vynalek
Senior DIrector HIE & IT Operations & Security Officer

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